Executive Director of Operations – Hospitality in Ρόδος at ICAP & CLIENTS


Executive Director of Operations – Hospitality in Ρόδος at ICAP & CLIENTS

Job Description

ICAP Executive Search & Selection is one of the top premium consultancies in Greece and part of ICAP, the largest B2B Services Provider in Greece. With more than 45 years of experience, we specialize in assessing and recruiting Senior to Middle Level Executives based on our client needs.

ICAP Executive Search on behalf of its client, a well-established and profound Group of premium Hotels based in Rhodes, is seeking for an experienced individual to cover the position of Executive Director of Operations – Hospitality for the Group.

Executive Director of Operations – Hospitality (Ref. 4932/EDO/ESS/GR)

The Executive Director of Operations will be accountable for handling all aspects of the everyday operations of the Hotels including the various activities and relations between the hotels and the clients as well as Employee Relations. He coordinates and monitors all Groups’ policies and procedures set by the Board of Directors and the Grp CFO & Business Development Director securing that they are fully and smoothly implemented. Moreover, he is responsible for the implementation and supervision of budget compliance, quality assurance of products and services and ensuring maximum client satisfaction. In addition to that, he is responsible for protecting the Hotels’ property, including building facilities and equipment.

Job Requirements

Operations & General Management Responsibilities:

  • He is responsible for supervising directly the Hotel Managers of all Group’s Hotels along with each department’s Manager while at the same time works closely with the HR Manager, Sales Manager etc.
  • Ensuring that the highest possible level of service is being delivered based on the Group’s Standard Operation Policies.
  • Coordinates and works closely with the Reception Dept, the Floor Managers, the Technical dept, the Food & Beverage Dept and Health Centre Dept of each Hotel on a daily basis ensuring proper and most efficient operation.
  • Responsible for monitoring the smooth implementation of the Group’s Policies and Procedures while at the same time, supporting and materializing the decisions and positions of the BoD.
  • Working closely with the BoD and the Grp CFO & Business Development Director to ensure the profitable operation of the Group’s Hotels.
  • Responsible for supervising and assuring the smooth daily operation of all Group’s Hotels Depts.
  • Attends all BoD meetings related to Groups’ Operational issues and participates in all Hotel Management Meetings as a representative of Top Management.
  • Organizes and supervises weekly staff meeting with all hotel stakeholders to ensure the smooth day to day operation of all Hotels in terms of proper management of revenue and expenditures, success of financial and quality objectives and to improve communication and cooperation between depts.
  • He is responsible for supervising all Employee Trainings & Seminars both for new (onboarding training) and existing personnel aiming at enhancing knowledge and expertise.
  • Organizing, assembling and directing the Management Teams that will assume responsibilities in new Hotels or receive promotion. Moreover, he is responsible, in collaboration with the HR Dept, for all necessary actions in order to attract new employees and ensure that the hotels are fully and adequately staffed.
  •  Under his responsibilities is to ensure that all Group’s Hotels are prepared for opening each season, including all F&B preparations, new catalogues, menus etc.

Financial Management Responsibilities:

  • Participates in the perpetration of the Group’s Annual Budget.
  • Checks at regular intervals and ensures that the operating expenses and capital expenditure of all Hotels’ Head of Departments are in line with their respective Budgets.
  • Conducts financial data analysis and establishes audits to ensure the proper administration of the Group. Compares revenue with costs and recommends to the Board of Directors the GRP CFO & Business Development Director, adjustments where appropriate.

Sales & Marketing Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for implementing Sales & Marketing Policies while promoting sales and Public relations strategies set by the BoD and Grp CFO & Business Development Director.
  • Upon request, conducts the required Sales and Marketing research, collects the necessary data, evaluates, recommends and implements sales promotion and development plans of Sales.
  • Introduces to Top Management new ideas to differentiate the Hotels from competition, with the aim of increasing the completeness and revenue of the Hotels.
  • Prepares competitive pricing analysis based on competition and participates in the preparation of Sales and Marketing Plans for the Group.
  • Upon request, he undertakes broader tasks of promoting the Company’s operations, and participates in various visits, exhibitions and workshops abroad, with the scope of boarding the Company’s Sales & Marketing footprint.


  • University degree in Hotel Management, Business Administration or relevant field.
  • An MBA related to Hospitality sector will be considered a plus
  • At least 10 years of working experience in a similar position in a Group of Hotels being responsible for multiple units.
  • Excellent communication skills and Committed to delivering a high level of customer service.
  • Fluency in verbal and writing in both Greek and English