Machine Learning/DL Engineer – Audio Recognition

Machine Learning/DL Engineer - Audio Recognition

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Koukaki, Athens, Greece
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Machine Learning/DL Engineer – Audio Recognition

Data Team Koukaki, Central Greece, Greece Full time


A few things about Orfium

Orfium is a unique Copyrights Management and Information Technology organisation at the heart of the music industry which provides high-end digital infrastructure. Orfium designs and offers business, technological and software solutions which enable record labels, publishers, music rightholders, CMO’ s and PRO’s to manage the protection, management, distribution, promotion and monetization of music works efficiently. Orfium’s information systems and services allow record companies, publishers, CMO’s and PRO’s to easily track, identify, document, process and analyze all kinds of repertoire related data to successfully manage their Intellectual Property.

To put it simply: We benefit music artists by providing value to the music industry. We believe that the future of music is bright!

Orfium is based in Malibu, California.

We now have a range of different products and sub-products that music artists and organisations can utilise.

One of them being

Machine Learning/DL Engineer

What we need

You will form part of the Data team within Orfium working on projects involving audio and lyrics, ranging from various topics related to MIR such as Music Classification, Recommendation, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).

What you will be doing

You will apply machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) techniques to a variety of challenging speech, audio and acoustics problems.

  • Develop fast, robust and fully tested speech, audio, and acoustic processing algorithms for ML/DL.
  • Interface your algorithms with deep networks to build end to end solutions to real world problems in this space.
  • Leveraging baseline technologies such as TensorFlow and others–and building models on top of them
  • Specifying exact requirements for training data sets, and working with analysts to create the data sets
  • Training final models, including techniques such as transfer learning, data augmentation, etc.


  • Solid understanding of AI frameworks and algorithms, especially pertaining to audio analysis, speech-to-text, and NLP
  • Audio signal processing and audio processing libraries such as librosa, essentia etc.
  • Programming: Python (or C++, GO etc)
  • Deep understanding of Deep Learning frameworks: particularly tensorflow/keras, pytorch


  • MSc degree in engineering/computer science
  • Requirement: Master thesis or PhD on audio, MIR, deep learning fields


  • 3-5 years experience in the field of audio, deep learning and MIR
  • Experience working in industries based or focused on full-stack projects or as a research scientist in the field of MIR
  • Working with back-end engineers to get all of the detection algorithms into production
  • Publications in top conferences in MIR, Deep learning, machine learning etc.
  • Musical understanding


  • You’ll get to work into one of the up-and-coming tech companies in the music industry.
  • Flexible working hours with the opportunity to work remotely some days every month.
  • 40-hour work week.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Stock Options plan.
  • Private Insurance.
  • Laid-back environment, seconds away from metro station.
  • Latest tech equipment.
  • Free snacks, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Paid monthly card for public transport.
  • Paid participation in conferences.